Services we Offer.

Web Apps Design & Development

Looking to develop a top standard Web Application to set up your business? We are here to help. We deliver high quality Web application with latest frameworks in the industry. We use agile methodologies right from UX designs to application code. We specialize in Open-Stack development. Our core areas of expertise are E-Commerce, CRM & E-Learning.

Cloud Migration

Stuck with your old IT-infrastructure that makes you pay hefty every month? Move to Cloud, Just pay for what’s precisely used. And keep your business infra growth-ready. You could scale-up & out in minutes to handle your surging business needs. We are good at AWS, Azure & Google Cloud. Take our help & move up to the cloud!

High Performance Migration

Your business is doing great. Never compromise on the application performance. When your business grows, you need to complement it with right IT-infrastructure. This may need you to redesign your application, de-couple things and spin off as independent micro-services that can scale up and down on their own. Take our help!

Technical Consulting

You need help with technology? You are covered. We do consulting right from UX designs, Apps design, Development to Cloud Deployment & infrastructure. We can ensure most tech terminologies go off your buzz-words list. We make it easy for the business owners & teams to understand latest technologies & how help them adapt faster.

Web Project Maintenance

You have a great web solution built. Now it's up and running, should you still continue to pay hefty for maintenance? No. We can take them over. We get the KT in no time and get ourselves ready quick for the maintenance works.
We offer project maintenance, with your affordable cost based on the requirements.

Mobile Apps Development

Sometimes customers keep continuing with their Web-sites as their only source of interaction with their patrons.
Do you know, users prefer to use their Phone , with an App dedicated to their favorite vendor?
Yes, that’s true. When the time is right, expand your fleet to cover Android & iOS phones. We can help you get there.

Our Products


We provide customized eCommerce solutions, based on your buisness needs.


CRM solution for your buisness needs.


Web application and CMS for your business.

Technologies We Work

  • PHP 7+
  • Cloud Services
  • Web Hosting
  • Web Maintenance
  • App Development

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